4 Ways A Person Can Practice Good Nutrition

A healthy diet includes vegetables, meat, sea food, fruits, whole grain lean proteins and some low-fat dairy products. Your foods nutritive proportion is quite important in building your health. Having an excess of weight can be a risk factor for coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, several cancers and more.

Below are some ways to practice good nutrition

1. Keep your daily calorie intake to an appropriate amount. Consult your doctor about how much calorie your body needs as per your age, weight. Consulting proper dietician can even be helpful.

2. Eat less, enjoy more- Don’t overeat your food. Eating less amount of food is beneficial. Consume fruit over it or drink atleast 1½ glass of water 1 hour before meal, this will help you. Take your own time to eat and enjoy your food.

3. Eat more healthy- Try to consume more of vegetables, fruits, whole grain, low-fat dairy products. Make these your daily snack instead of high-fat nutritive food.

4. Add veggies and fruits- Fill half of your plate with vegetables and fruits. Fruits contains a little fats and no cholesterol, this will be a key factor in promoting your health.

5. Make your daily grains whole grains- Whole grains can provide your body the required nutrition. Food made from grains are major source of energy and fiber.

6. Avoid unhealthy food- Avoid eating fast food or food items that don’t provide you nutrition. The fast foods are too fatty and disturbs your balanced diet.

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