Nutritionist Prachi Purii on How to Curb Your Overeating Habits

Do you wish to lose weight but your never-ending temptation to have those packets full of dry fruits and sweets encourages you to overeat? Do you fail to keep your false hunger pangs at bay? If yes, you have reached the right place. Reaching your weight loss goal is not possible unless you follow your diet and exercise routine religiously. Any diversion from that can delay the process. One of the major barriers to weight loss seems to be the uncontrollable urge to overeat. Here we will help you deal with that. Also Read – Ragi, Oats or Jowar Atta: Know What’s Healthier For Weight Loss

Nutritionist and Fitness Coach, Prachi Purii has some easy and effective secrets to curb your overeating habits. Read further to know about them. Below, you can also watch her video on the subject. Also Read – Here’s the Best Dal For Weight Loss That You Need to Have Daily

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“It is psychologically proven that for a certain amount of food when we pick the bigger plate, it is the human tendency of perception that makes that amount of food look smaller in relation to the size of the plate, which makes us pile on more food. Whereas the same amount of food on a smaller plate would visually signal our mind to feel like we are eating enough,” stated Prachi Purii in one of her YouTube videos.

Put Snacks in Opaque Containers Instead of Transparent ones

Most of the time it happens that when you cannot see food put in a container, you would not mindlessly want it or eat it. So, it is advisable to keep your snacks in opaque containers.

Don’t Fall For the Guilt of Having a Cheat Meal

“When we restrict ourselves too much, we get into the mindset of extreme dieting. This means you are restricting yourself to a point that even if you have one unhealthy food, you feel like you have ruined your entire progress and you have failed yourself so much that you might just binge and eat everything and that’s what creates a very unhealthy relationship with food. Binge eating out of guilt is like slashing the other three tyres of your car because one of them got punctured. You are not going to become fat by eating just one unhealthy food. So, do not beat yourself up. Just, go back to eating as you would.”

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