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press release: MMoCA is happy to introduce the first of several activities this year that will unify art, movement, meditation, and more to focus on wellness and well-being in 2021.  

The first event on January 17, which is free for participants and taking place on Facebook Live, features local yoga instructor Skye Moss, who will lead a series of Kripalu sessions. Suitable for all experience levels, it is an opportunity to experience the restorative power of yoga streamed live from the MMoCA Icon.  

For Moss, yoga is an artform in itself and that’s why a partnership with MMoCA appealed to her. She says: “It sounded like just a really cool opportunity to give the community access to yoga. And, at the same time, playing with what the body can do and the art that can happen through these flows in the breath and the movement.”  

The Madison native has taught practitioners of all ages in Wisconsin. Through the MMoCA sessions, Moss hopes to continue working to make yoga more inclusive for people of color and others who may be hesitant to practice in professional yoga studios. ”I would at least hope to touch one person. You know, someone who’s never been introduced to yoga, and let them know that yoga is for everybody and every body type, no matter your background.”  

Stay tuned to MMoCA’s social media channels and website for links to this and other 2021 wellness sessions. Be well!

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