Timo Hildebrand:”Vegan Nutrition and Yoga Change You”

Corona is also slowing you down right now – how do you experience the time?
At the beginning it certainly helped to come down, to concentrate on the basics – at least for those who didn’t have to fear for their existence. But slowly, of course, everyone dreams of life continuing more or less normally.

You discovered yoga while in rehab after hip surgery a few years ago. That brings us directly to the next prejudice: yoga used to be considered esoteric nonsense.
Yes, completely. But more and more people are discovering the benefits. Vegan nutrition and yoga change you, not only physically, but also mentally, there are actually only advantages. With yoga you are always alone with yourself and your exercises on the mat, you have to come into balance with yourself. Especially in times like these, this can help many people.

In addition, elements of both are increasingly being incorporated into everyday life – be it in the canteen or in the restaurant, in physiotherapy or in sport – vegan dishes and yoga exercises are now quite normal in everyday life and moved out of the eso corner.

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